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Airbrush or Traditional Makeup, Which One Should YOU Choose?

Updated: Jan 11, 2018

Now that we are officially in the middle of  the busy wedding season, two of the questions that I get asked the most are, "What's the difference between airbrush and traditional makeup?" And, "Which one should I choose?"

While most people have heard of airbrush makeup, many are still unsure exactly what it is, so let's take a look at what airbrush is, and isn't. First off, what airbrush makeup is not is a heavy foundation, meaning that if you are someone who prefers the look and feel of a heavier weight foundation, then airbrush makeup probably isn't for you. What airbrush makeup is, is a lightweight  foundation that's water resistant and results in a flawless looking finish.The end result, assuming you are in the hands of an experienced airbrush artist, should be flawless looking skin, not heavy makeup. If applied incorrectly it can result in a heavy or uneven look. Many makeup artists airbrush these days but the key is to find someone who has been doing it for awhile and does it well! You should feel as if you are wearing absolutely nothing on your face.  

Airbrushing consists of spraying makeup unto the skin versus applying it with a brush or sponge. The foundation is sprayed unto the skin using an airbrush gun and compressor which allows air to combine with the makeup. The process consists of the makeup being applied to the skin in a series of tiny dots, which can then be layered for a full coverage. There are several types of airbrush machines and foundations on the market,some are geared toward personal use, while others are made for professional makeup artists. The main difference is usually in the amount of  air pressure (PSI) that the machine puts out. Personal devices use a lower PSI, while  professional machines allow the artist to adjust the level of air that is put out. The newer professional models combine the compressor and gun in one unit, making it more compact and maintenance free for the artist. There are different types of airbrush foundation, some are silicone based for a matte finish, while others are water based for a dewy finish.The type you choose depends on what works best with your skin type and the finish that you prefer.

So, why do so many brides love airbrush makeup? Primarily, aside from the weightless feel and flawless finish it delivers, it's also water resistant and can hold up for a good 12-14 hours! Which means that it requires little to no touch up, unlike traditional makeup. One less thing to worry about on your wedding day! I've been airbrushing for a long time and while I can achieve the same result with a brush and traditional makeup, I have found that unlike airbrush, traditional makeup does require more touch up. While I don't really have a preference between the two, I do like airbrush makeup for many of my brides simply because of that reason, however, it's not for everyone. Those with sensitivities, skin issues, or as mentioned earlier, those who prefer a heavy foundation, may find that traditional makeup is still their best option. So, if you are considering airbrush makeup for your wedding day but are not sure if it's right for you, I encourage you to try it first if possible. A trial session is always the best way to know for sure beforehand if you will like your makeup or not! 


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