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Meet Deanna!

Deanna Kenedy has worked in the beauty industry for over two decades and is still incredibly passionate about what she does. “How great is it to be able to have some part in making someone look and feel the most beautiful version of themselves”, she says.

Deanna is a licensed aesthetician and part owner of a skincare studio n Fresno, CA. She offers makeup and skincare treatments and is well known for her eyelash extensions. Deanna has been with Blush since the start in 2017 and is an integral part of our

team. Her makeup background includes retail, print, film, fashion shows, and theater. She believes in working with her clients to create a look that complements and enhance their best features while allowing them to express their personal style. Challenge, inspiration, and continuing education are among the factors that motivate her to continue to provide the best service to her clients.

You can view more of Deanna’s work on our Instagram page @yosemitemakeup #Blush


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