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Planning a 2020 Wedding?

Congratulations! If you recently got engaged, you've probably been busy planning your dream wedding, and while things like reserving an event venue should be at the top of your list, don't wait until the last minute to book your hair and makeup team! Did you know that the most in demand bridal beauty teams are typically booked a year in advance? Especially for those 2020 dates, which seem to be extremely popular! So, if that's you, start your search early. Here at Blush, our average booking is nine months out and we've been booking for 2020 since last December. Many brides wait until the last minute, and by last minute, I mean three months, to find a hair and makeup artist and then are disappointed when their top choices are already booked. Six months out from your date would be the latest that I

recommend starting your search and that's only if your wedding is in the off-season or on a weekday, otherwise you may find yourself scrambling to find someone at the last minute! So, don't wait! After all, this is your big day we're talking about here and all eyes will be on YOU! #blush #yosemitemakeupandhair #yosemitemakeup #yosemitebride #2020bridetobe #2020yosemitebride #yosemitehair


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