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Why Hire a Bridal Team?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

First off, let me just start by saying Congratulations! I'm guessing you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't planning a wedding, right? So let's talk about hiring a bridal team vs. independant contractors; what are the differences and why should you hire one over the other? I realize that many of you have a family member or friend in the beauty industry and if they are generous enough to offer their services for your big day, then that's pretty awesome and you should definitely take them up on it. If, however, you are like the majority of brides to be who find themselves searching for beauty vendors, then read on!

First, let's talk about what to expect when hiring a team ...

For starters, they will show up on time (yes, when hiring a professional team, they will provide you with a timeline and are guaranteed to be there on time, it should be in your contract, if not, then run!) Secondly, these people have usually worked together for some time now and have a common aesthetic, which makes for a cohesive look in your photos and just an overall good teamwork vibe. For example, if one artist is running a little behind, one of the others can usually step in to assist. They'll also help each other out in packing up, lending tools, etc. and will stick around for those final touch-ups. Most importantly of all...convenience! For you, it means, booking and paying for your beauty vendors all in one step! Pretty convenient, right?

Unfortunately when booking independent hair and makeup artists, it can be akin to booking two completely different photographers or two different florists. First, it often doesn't make for a relaxed environment, as there can be an aura of professional competition, and if one vendor is running behind, then that risks your entire timeline being thrown off! Secondly, vendors who don't know each other are much less likely to help each other out in a pinch, sad but true. Third, if that one bridesmaid decides to do her own makeup and decides that she wants a dark red lip and gold glitter eye shadow, what are you going to do? And yes, she Willl stick out in your wedding photos, guaranteed! Do you really want to risk that?

When hiring a beauty team, we consult with the Bride to determine her preferences for the bridal party, Taking each woman's personal style into consideration, we recommend keeping your bridal party in neutral tones to avoid anyone outshining you in a red lip or smoky eye. As if anyone Could outshine you on Your day, but still...;) Why risk a good thing, right?#hireabeautyteam #yosemitemakeupmakeup #yosemitebride #yosemitehair #yosemitewedding #blushyosemite #yosemitemakeupandhair #yosemitebridalteam #bridetobe20202



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